Costs Budgeting and Management

Effective Costs Budgeting and Management is now essential in all Multi Track cases. Precedent H Budgets need to be prepared accurately and swiftly and we are on hand to provide that service. We offer a full Costs Budgeting and Management service including:

  • Reviewing and phasing of incurred costs and projection of estimated costs
  • Consideration of and advice on opponent’s budget in conjunction with client’s own budget
  • Preparation of Precedent R
  • Advocacy and assistance at costs management hearings

The benefit of Sentio Costs dealing with the Costs Budgeting and Management is that your fee earners can continue dealing with the substantive matter without the stress of another vital deadline and worry of dealing with the costs aspects of the case.

We use our experience and skills to ensure that the future costs are accurately projected and approved by the Court and to ensure that costly mistakes are not made.

We are able to provide a quick turnaround service and can offer a bespoke package to ensure that our clients are getting the service they need.